CrystalLine Frameless By-Pass

The quality of the frameless CrystalLine By-Pass shines through.

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Combining its hallmark open look with quality engineering, the CrystalLine By-Pass provides and innovative alternative to framed enclosures. This frameless unit works well in custom and standard installations and its easy adjustment makes the CrystalLine By-Pass a solid unit that is a complete reflection of quality.

All extrusions, including the brackets and finger pulls, are polished, brushed anodized, or powder coated in a variety of colors, including gold, silver, and oil-rubbed- bronze. The CrystalLine Frameless By-Pass comes standard with 3/16 inch or 1/4 inch glass in several stock sizes or can be customized to fit your opening. This frameless series looks great as a stand-alone door or with in-inline or return panels, which can be customized with towel bar and other hardware.

  • 1/4" safety tempered glass standard
  • 3/16" glass available
  • Thru-the-glass towel bar is standard option for 1/4" glass
  • Fits openings approximately 1/2" larger than what width specified
  • Custom sized units available
  • Custom colors available
  • SealPro Glass Sealer available
Metal Color:
Glass Options:
Handle & Hardware Options: