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Stand Alone Swing Door Install Tips

Southeastern Aluminum Products provides four basic types of stand-alone swing doors – Parklane Hinge, Parklane Pivot, CrystalLine Framed Hinge and CrystalLine Frameless Hinge.

A Few Basic Principles Apply to all Installations of Swing Doors

First apply a bead of silicone sealant where the curb meets the wall before laying the threshold in the opening. This is the weakest grout joint in the opening and a little insurance goes a long way to eliminate callbacks.

Take an accurate measurement of the opening to cut the threshold. If possible try to match out of square wall conditions with your cut to eliminate gaps.

Apply handles and drip assemblies before hanging the door. You can turn the door upside down to attach the drip assembly and save yourself the aggravation of working six inches or less off of the floor. Having the handle on the door while hanging the door lets you swing the door closed and open easily.

Finally, hang your door as plumb as possible using a level or grout line if plumb but use the door to locate and plumb the strike jamb. This way any variation in vertical on the door side will be matched on the strike side and the magnetic latches will meet at the same time up and down the length of the door and strike jamb.

A Specific Tip For Parklane Pivot Doors

The Parklane pivot installation can be made easier by screwing both the top and bottom pivot plates on before making anchor holes.

You will want to tighten all the screws down but then loosen the one screw that will be at the top and furthest from the wall.

Then mark your holes and anchor to the wall.

Insert the pivot fascia seal at this time. It is easier than trying to work it in with the door panel in your way.

Now hang to hang the door, drop the bottom pivot pin into the pivot plate then lift up on the top pivot plate that you loosened earlier and slip the top pivot pin under.

The top pivot screw can now be tightened easily with a hand screwdriver since the screw boss has already been threaded.

A Specific Tip For CrystalLine Hinge Doors

The CrystalLine framed and frameless swing doors are the easiest to install. The wall jambs are already separate from the hinge and strike jambs and should be used alone to plumb and mark for anchor holes. Beyond that, following the basic principals that apply to all swing doors will assist in getting the job done quickly.

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