SealPro Glass Sealer

The result of years of steady scientific advancement that will forever change the way you look at glass!

Sealpro Glass Sealer Example


SealPro Glass Sealer is a coating that fills in the microscopic pores in glass and creates a chemical bond at the molecular level. The resulting barrier is so smooth and so slick that soap scum and hard water deposits cannot penetrate it.

SealPro Glass Sealer works much like non-stick cookware. The surface can still get dirty, but clean up is much easier. This one time application means keeping the shower glass free of unsightly stains will be no problem. No more hassle. No more fuss. 

Concerned about the environment? SealPro is an eco-friendly product free of caustic chemicals and carcinogens. Imagine not buying harsh cleaning agents again, only to watch them go down the drain.

 Each shower enclosure treated with SealPro Glass Sealer has a decal on the door with directions on how to register online for the Limited Lifetime Warranty. Using SealPro Glass Sealer will keep your shower new for years to come.


Each shower enclosure treated with SealPro Glass Sealer has a limited lifetime warranty with Diamond Seal Systems. To register visit

Maintaining the warranty requires following a maintenance protocol
that is outlined on Diamond Seal’s website:

  • Wipe down the shower door once or twice a week with a clean towel while the glass is still wet.
  • When the glass is totally dry, use Diamond Blue Wash to clean the glass surface using a microfiber cloth. Then buff any residue away with another clean microfiber cloth. The wash can be purchased directly from the website.
  • The use of this cleaner precludes the need for any harsh detergents or other chemical agents. While the treated glass is chemically resistant, using ammonia or acid based cleaners, or abrasive materials on the glass will reduce the repellent qualities of the glass and will void the warranty.